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Shri Jagadguru Badari Shankaracharya Samasthanam Shakatapuram Shri Vidya Peetam.



The Shakatapuram Shri Vidya Peetam is situated in Shakatapuram, Koppa Taluq, Chickmagalur District, Karnataka. It is about 135 Kms from Mangalore, and is situated on the banks of river Tunga


It is more than 600 years old and belongs to the Uttaraamnaaya Badari tradition of sanyasin order tracing its origin to Sri Shankara Bagavadpada and his deciple Thotakacharya. Historical records relating to the kingdom of Vijaynagar (14th/15th Centuries) throws light on the origins of the Math.

Paramapoojya Acharya Jagadguru Shankara Bhagavatpada established Dharma Peetams in holy places in India for the sustenance of Sanatana Dharma and Bharatheeya Samskriti. The Acharya's favourite Disciple Shri Totaka Bhagavatpada adorned the Jyotishpeetam founded at Badrikashram in the Himalayas as its first Acharya. Jagadguru Shri Sathyateerthayativarya,a preceptor in the Totakacharya tradition, troubled by the hindrances to his holy rituals and observances by the political upheavels,journeyed to South India. Around 1378, Jagadguru Seo Satyatheertha left Badari and came down south in search of a place where he cound continue his dharmic activities undisturbed. He selected Bandigadi (now Shakatapuram) in the Koppa Taluka of ChickMandlore District. Initially the place was called 'Munoyoor' as the 'Muni'and settled down there. The Brahmanabdapurana refers to Shakatapuram as the place where the sage Shakata attained salvation through penance. The Math when set up by Jagadguru Sathyatheertha waas called 'Muniyoor Math' He re-established the peetam at the Tapobhoomi of Shri Shakatamaharishi on the banks of river Tunga in Karnataka and continued the holy parampara."Emperor Shri Virupaksharaya" of Vijayanagar and other kings patronized the peetam with gifts and endowments.This peetam is the remowned Shri Shri Jagadguru Badari Shankaracharya Samasthanam Shakatapuram Shri vidya Peetam.

All the Shri Acharya Mahaswamigals who adorned the holy citadel of Shrividyapeetam have not only brought prosperity to human kind but have also enriched the reputation of the Peetam.

Guru Parampara

Jagadguru Shri Nrisimhaanandateertha Shripada, Shri Amarendrateertha Shripada, Shri Ramachandranandatheertha Shripada are noteworthy amongst the Acharya who renovated the ageing edifices of the Shri Mutt and temple and are worthy of Prathasmaranam.

Present Jagadguru

JAGADGURU SHRIVIDYAABHINAVA SHRI SHRI KRISHNANANDATEERTHA MAHASWAMIGAL is the present Pontiff of the Holy Mutt. His holiness embraced Sanyasa after being the exemplary disciple of Jagadguru Shri Shri Ramachandranandatheertha Mahaswamigal and ascended the ShriVidya peetam on at the tender age of 13 as 33rd Acharya. After his 12 year diligent study of Vedas and Shastras followed by extensive Dharmayatra covering the length and breadth of India a few times,Jagadguru Shri Shri Acharya Mahaswamigal promoted the welfare of mankind and secured numerous devotees with His austerity and formidable ShriVidyaopasana vigour. As a result of unprecedented act of co-operation from the devotees and disciples,His holiness has achieved the construction of attractive,spacious and imposing Shri Mutt building on the original site at Shrikshetra-Shakatapuram,construction of the grand stone temple with dexterous carving, construction of the towering Rajagopuram in the South Indian style,Adhishtanams for the earlier Acharyas, long Snanghat at Tunga river,Yagna Mandapam. Dharmashalas for the visitors and thus transalated into reality the aspirations and visions of his illustrious predecessors.


Apart from the wealth of knowledge his holiness has gained through meditation and penance, He has also made significant achievements, founder of the "Advaita Bhramana Vidhya Prakashana", an institution to propogate Advaita Siddhanta Sahitya

Brahma Kumbabishekam

On 12th April 2007, the Brahma Kumbabishekam for the Rajagopuram for the shrines of the deities Sri Rajarajeshwari, Sri Lakshmi Narasimhar, Sri Santaana Venugopalan took place at shakatapuram by His Holiness.